CheMinistry - Celebrity Relationship Panel

Everyone knows I love to host a great event. For some reason the most awesome opportunities just fall into my lap. The CheMinistry Celebrity Relationship Panel was one of these events. This event is brought to you by Chanel Scott, Queen of Relationship Talk.  I always love to hear the advice of single and married Celebrities. It’s always good to get a different point of view.

The event was held at The League Tavern in Midtown Atlanta. When I arrived I was able to take some amazing photos on the green carpet. The setting included vendors, food, drink, and DJ Hershey on the 1’s and 2’s. The ambiance was great. The tables had roses on them that went well with the theme. The panelist included Q from 112 and his wife Sharlinda Parker, actor from The Quad Kevin Savage, Empowerment coach Dr. Sonja, creator of the movie Dating in Atlanta, Jevon Dewand, Nakeisha Turk from TV show Kicking and Screaming, and founder of The Perfect Gentlemen Berto Horne.

The topic for the evening was “Committed Relationships: What does that really mean? All of the panelists were kind and honest with their opinions. I would say the over consensus was you have to be ready to be in committed relationship and people should be honest with themselves and whoever they are dealing with about where they are and what they want.  I am looking forward to the next event.

Maria Wills