United Women in White

There is nothing more powerful then women uniting together and motivating one another. That was the experience at the 2017 United Women in White event presented by Uniquely Niyia. Held at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the United Women in White was and elegant occasion featuring powerful speakers, vocalist, and vendors. 

This National women empowerment and healing movement is focused on personal growth and the value of a network. Featured motivational speakers included Keisha Green, Nicole K. Armstrong, and Real Talk Kim. One of the most memorable moments was Real Talk Kim’s opening. She stated, “When God created Adam, he created Adam because he wanted to. But when he created Eve, he created Eve because he had to. Because we bring forth life.” Her funny and empowering message was received with much love and appreciation.  There was also a power performance by vocalist Keyondra Lockett.

Girl Power Hour looks forward to the United Women in White event next year.