#BuyBackTheBlock - Tulsa Real Estate Fund Press Conference

On the 96th Anniversary of the Tulsa Bombing in Oklahoma, Girl Power Hour Radio was present at the public announcement of the Tusla Real Estate Fund at The Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Ga. The press conference was a complete success! It was extremely informative and inspiring.

The Tulsa Real Estate fund is an economic vehicle for the urban community to collectively invest in and rebuild our neighborhoods. Speakers such as Atlanta City Council Ivory Young, Comedian DC Young Fly, Roddy White of the Roddy White Keep the Faith Foundation, shared the panel with creator Mr. Jay Morrison. Actress and poet Ernestine Johnson moderated the press conference. 

The Tulsa Real Estate Fund is the first of many opportunities to reshape our communities and stop Gentrification. It is a government regulated $50 million dollar fund financing urban development around the world. The crowd-funding vehicle allows for people to contribute as low as $500 into the fund. This will allow everyone you invest to have equity interest in every project. The Tulsa Real Estate Fund is scheduled to launch in August 2017. 

Maria Wills