The 2016 Pink Champagne Gala

Stepping into the Charge Up Charge Pynk: 2016 Pynk Champagne Gala was not only a fun experience, but also a humbling one. The event was laced in pink and featured amazing vendors, performers, and speakers. I checked in with the Media and received my media pass along with a list of all the honorees, speakers, ambassadors, supporters, performers, and hostess. I was extremely excited to meet and interview these amazing women and men. My goal was to interview and/or take pictures with as many participants that I could. Luckily I had my partner in crime Ms. Toni Preyer there to cover the Gala with me. 

As guest began to arrive we set up at the Pynk Carpet and took turns interviewing the beautiful and strong women and men as they entered. Everyone was dressed so eloquently in their different shades of pink and formal wear.  We were able to speak with so many survivors and supporters and couldn’t believe the testimonies they shared. One of the most touching interviews was with Honoree Felecia Mahone. Felecia Mahone is a Breast Cancer Survivor. She lost a lot of her family to cancer and is the only surviving. She shared her hardships, but concluded with her blessings. She explained how she never asked God why, because if it wasn’t her who would it be. I was so moved by her strength she brought my partner, Toni, and I to tears. It was true honor meeting her. 

I also had the pleasure of interviewing Ambassador Robin Dyke from Bravo TV's Mother Funders. Her personality lite up the room. She was so much fun to get to know. Robin shared her relationship with the founder of the Pynk Chanpagne Gala, Charessa Sawyer, and how she got involved with the event. She was so honored to be a part of something of this magnitude. 

In conclusion, The 2016 Pynk Champagne Gala was a complete success and I am honored to have been a part of it. I want the only girls with out pink on, so i had to spruce up my lips with a shade of All Around Town by M.A.C to kinda fit in. I had an amazing time and I hope to be invited again next year. 

Maria Wills