The 2016 AAMBC Literary Awards hosted by Cynthia Bailey

I was excited when I got the news of covering the 2016 AAMBC Literary Awards hosted by the one and only Cynthia Bailey. I found the event intriguing and much needed. There are a lot of amazing writers who should be recognized for their art.

The event was held on GA Tech's campus in Atlanta, GA. It was a great crowd with a red carpet at entry. The honorees were hard to identify because authors and writers are rarely known by face. But once they hit the red carpet you got a good idea of who was who. The creator of it all, Tamika Newhouse looked ravishing. The event opened with an amazing 3 piece band that set the mood. Then performing artist J. Morris did a selection. The categories included Reader’s Choice, Urban Book of the year, Screenwriter, Blogger of the Year, and many more. It was great to see these amazing writers acknowledged.  

As an inspiring writer myself I hope to have the opportunity to be a part of these amazing awards one day soon.

Maria Wills