Press Release: New children’s book Empowers Readers to Stand Up to Bullies


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New children’s book Empowers Readers to Stand Up to Bullies

ATLANTA, GEORGIA (September 29, 2017) - Parents struggling to find ways to help their kids deal with bullying will soon have a new resource to help them when the new children's book, The Secret Keeper: Perfect the Way You Are is launched in November.

Written by Maria Wills, The Secret Keeper is the first book in an inspiring five part series focusing on difficult topics for parents to discuss with their children.  The book is about a young girl, Juliana, who is bullied on her way to school. She is very sad but doesn't tell her teacher or her mother about it. But then her mother reminds her about the Secret Keeper who comes at night and gives her advice. Her mother turns into the Secret Keeper superhero after bedtime prayer. Juliana is filled with confidence and the next day has the courage to stand up for herself and also encourage her bully that it is okay to make mistakes

Maria Wills came up with the idea to call herself the Secret Keeper after her daughter began pre-school. “When you hear about all the horror stories of people taking advantage of children and making then afraid to tell their parents, I wanted to create a comfortable way for my daughter to communicate with me,” says the new Author. “I told her that God made me The Secret Keeper to keep all her secrets safe and give her advice,” Wills continues.  Maria realized the concept was working when Juliana shared what her father was getting her for Christmas and explained that she had to tell because mom was the secret keeper.

Statistics indicate that bullying affects one in three American school children and 60% of children who are bullied do not report it, according to the Business Insider. The Secret Keeper lays the perfect foundation for discussing bullying and how to handle bullies. The book is easy to read and features attractive illustrations that will capture children's attention. The storyline is engaging and will hook readers from start to finish.

The Secret Keeper: Perfect the Way You Are is scheduled to be released on November 1, 2017 and will be available in Kindle and paperback formats. Readers can get their copy on Amazon or on the author's website. The book will be available to pre-order on the author's website October 1, 2017. For further information visit:

About the Author:

Maria Wills is woman of many talents. Born in Washington, DC and raised in Prince Georges County, MD, Maria started her career at the young age of fifteen as a model and actress. She went to Drexel University for Music. Maria moved to Atlanta, GA to expand her brand in 2006. She is a radio, TV, and event host currently on Girl Power Hour Radio Show broadcasting on WAEC LOVE860 Atlanta.


Media Contact:  Maria Wills



The Power of the Tongue

Let me tell you all about speaking things into existence! God is so Good!

This past weekend I had the time of my life. It was already a special weekend because one of my best friends were coming to visit me in the Atl from Philly. I already planned for us to attend the One Music Fest because I have been for the last 3 years and I am a huge fan. When the tickets were available for purchase I told my girlfriend, "Next year, I want to be hosting or interviewing the artist!." And guess what!? 

Two days before the One Music Fest, this year, I get a DM from an associate that I did an event with a couple months ago. She says "Maria I'm flying in from NY this weekend and I may need you for an event." Now if you know anything about me, you know I do not turn down a check! Then she proceeds to tell me that she needs me to interview the talent at the One Music Fest for Xfinity! When I tell you my happy dance came out! I contact my girls and let them know I was booked! 

My girls friends still were able to attend the One Music Fest, but I had the pleasure of being backstage meeting all the talent and interviewing artist like Jidenna, Ro James, Too Short, Tank and the Bangas, Luke James, and Elijah Kelly. I was sad I didn't get to interview my favorite girl from Philly, Jill Scott, or Mos Def but I'm not worried because the time will come! 

The moral of the story is to believe in yourself and speak the things you want. I knew I was going to get the opportunity to work at the One Music Fest, but God had a better plan and allowed me to do so ahead of schedule.  The Universe is listening so speak up! 


CheMinistry - Celebrity Relationship Panel

Everyone knows I love to host a great event. For some reason the most awesome opportunities just fall into my lap. The CheMinistry Celebrity Relationship Panel was one of these events. This event is brought to you by Chanel Scott, Queen of Relationship Talk.  I always love to hear the advice of single and married Celebrities. It’s always good to get a different point of view.

The event was held at The League Tavern in Midtown Atlanta. When I arrived I was able to take some amazing photos on the green carpet. The setting included vendors, food, drink, and DJ Hershey on the 1’s and 2’s. The ambiance was great. The tables had roses on them that went well with the theme. The panelist included Q from 112 and his wife Sharlinda Parker, actor from The Quad Kevin Savage, Empowerment coach Dr. Sonja, creator of the movie Dating in Atlanta, Jevon Dewand, Nakeisha Turk from TV show Kicking and Screaming, and founder of The Perfect Gentlemen Berto Horne.

The topic for the evening was “Committed Relationships: What does that really mean? All of the panelists were kind and honest with their opinions. I would say the over consensus was you have to be ready to be in committed relationship and people should be honest with themselves and whoever they are dealing with about where they are and what they want.  I am looking forward to the next event.

Maria Wills 

Women On Air Networking Brunch

It is always a pleasure to be around likeminded women who are trying to be better and do better. I had the pleasure of attending the first or many Women On Air networking brunch, brought to you by Diamond Tyleir. The panelist where extremely impressive, featuring Lori Flowers from Radio One, Jazzy McBee from Streetz 94.5, Tyisha Fernandes from Chanel 2 News, and Meteorologist Liana Brackett from the weather channel.

The event was located at a private location that required a prior RSVP. The setting was beautiful and the seating allowed for the women to truly get to know one another. As the guest began to arrive I was able to hand out my business cards and introduce myself to everyone before the event began. I always like to get a head start on networking (wink).

Most of the panelists were in attendance before I arrived. I had the pleasure of meeting Lori Flowers and Liana Brackett first. Both women were full of life and very approachable. I made sure to let them know that I was available to assist them with any projects they have coming up and I would love to keep in touch. Both ladies were very receptive.

The panelist style was the best that I have seen. Each lady was able to speak freely and tell their journey into media, radio, or television. This allowed the women to speak candidly without being steered into one direction or another. It worked well for the intimate setting we were in. Each panelist allowed the crowd to ask questions. Food was served at each table and it was delicious. The event concluded with photo ops and networking, ON TIME.

Women on Air Brunch 

Maria Wills of Girl Power Hour Radio on Diamond Tyleir of Women on Air.  

I had a great time and a great experience. I was able to meet beautiful people with outstanding stories and learned from them. I look forward to all that will come out of Women On Air and I am excited to be part of the circle.

Maria Wills

Girl Power Hour Radio

#BuyBackTheBlock - Tulsa Real Estate Fund Press Conference

On the 96th Anniversary of the Tulsa Bombing in Oklahoma, Girl Power Hour Radio was present at the public announcement of the Tusla Real Estate Fund at The Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta, Ga. The press conference was a complete success! It was extremely informative and inspiring.

The Tulsa Real Estate fund is an economic vehicle for the urban community to collectively invest in and rebuild our neighborhoods. Speakers such as Atlanta City Council Ivory Young, Comedian DC Young Fly, Roddy White of the Roddy White Keep the Faith Foundation, shared the panel with creator Mr. Jay Morrison. Actress and poet Ernestine Johnson moderated the press conference. 

The Tulsa Real Estate Fund is the first of many opportunities to reshape our communities and stop Gentrification. It is a government regulated $50 million dollar fund financing urban development around the world. The crowd-funding vehicle allows for people to contribute as low as $500 into the fund. This will allow everyone you invest to have equity interest in every project. The Tulsa Real Estate Fund is scheduled to launch in August 2017. 

Maria Wills 


United Women in White

There is nothing more powerful then women uniting together and motivating one another. That was the experience at the 2017 United Women in White event presented by Uniquely Niyia. Held at the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the United Women in White was and elegant occasion featuring powerful speakers, vocalist, and vendors. 

This National women empowerment and healing movement is focused on personal growth and the value of a network. Featured motivational speakers included Keisha Green, Nicole K. Armstrong, and Real Talk Kim. One of the most memorable moments was Real Talk Kim’s opening. She stated, “When God created Adam, he created Adam because he wanted to. But when he created Eve, he created Eve because he had to. Because we bring forth life.” Her funny and empowering message was received with much love and appreciation.  There was also a power performance by vocalist Keyondra Lockett.

Girl Power Hour looks forward to the United Women in White event next year.


Mens Trends in the Hair Industry: 2016 Bronner Brothers Hair Show

Men hair products and styles are taking over the hair industry and it was evident at the 69th annual Bronner Brothers Hair Show in Atlanta, GA. Celebrity Barber Lisa S says “Men hair product have sold more than women products for this first time this year.” She and partner Ray J advertised his new hair and technology company HairTRONiks. HairTRONiks specializes in marketing and producing hair products such as Brandi’s new synthetic hair line Brakari hair, Lifestyle men’s healing oil, Sprush hair kit by Lisa S, and Prella Hair by Princess Love.

Half of the floor room featured barbers and mens hair products. What caught my attention most was the coloring the barbers were applying during their presentations. At the Anatomy of a Barber booth I spoke with professional Barber Fox out of Memphis Tennessee about hair coloring. Fox mention hair coloring is not a new thing, but is definitely improved and trending. “In the past we used a spray that would run down your face if you sweat too hard. Now we use sprays that are alcohol based to prevent running”, he stated. The newest product that is popular and in demand is hair fibers. Hair Fibers is human hair that is dusted on to strengthen the look of the hairline or any balding.

Maria Wills 






Hosting Krave Magazines Cover Release Party featuring Stevie Baggs Jr.

I pride myself in being a professional business woman. But I would be in total denial not to mention the desire to bat my eyes at some of the fine men I had the pleasure of interviewing at the Krave Magazine Cover Release Party August 12, 2016. I kept my cool and dignity but all I can say is I LOVE MY JOB! 

The event was held at Dream Cafe on Peter St. in Atlanta, Ga. The setting was great and the guest had an amazing time. I had the pleasure of interviewing Cover Model Stevie Baggs Jr. This is a man of many talents. He started off playing professional football in the NFL. He now is the owner of Dream Cafe, star of the hit show Match Made in Heaven, author of Greater Than the Game, City of Atlanta's Health and Wellness Ambassador, Father, and so much more. 

His cover shot for Krave Magazine was revealed and it was absolutely stunning. I also had the pleasure of interviewing Christy Luxe, Editor and Chief of Krave Magazine and also the manager of Stevie Baggs Jr., actor and model Travis Cure, beauty expert Sheldon G. Horton, Grammy Nominated D'Vante Black and many more. 

Hopefully I will have the pleasure of hosting more Krave Magazine events in the future! I like being surrounded by beautiful people. LOL

Maria Wills 


My first segment on Time 2 Shine Radio

This year I came to the conclusion that I wanted to get into radio. If you know anything about me then you know once I set my mind to something It is a done deal! I honestly didn't know exactly where to start, but I knew I had to get the ball rolling some how. 

For roughly six months my event Spotlight Tuesdays was sponsored by Time 2 Shine Radio on So I decided to give radio personality MuLegend a call and pick her brain. Gratefully, Mu had some great advice and also invited me to be a part of her show! 

This was a perfect start for me to get my feet wet. I am a firm believer in walking through all doors that come my way. You never know what opportunities come out of each experience. So MuLegend offer me the position to handle her celebrity gossip every Friday. 

August 6, 2016 was the first Time 2 Shine Tea with Maria Wills and it was DOPE. I hit on the Keisha Knight Pilliam (aka Rudy) and Ed Hartwell scandal, our current election, and Dylann Roof from the Charleston Church killing getting his butt kicked in jail. 

I ended up staying as a co-host interviewing recording artist and songwriter Major Myjah. This young man is crazy talented. I also had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Angel the Star. She is a unforgettable talent who sang background for years and is finally doing her own things. Not to mention I was able to give feedback on new music with Antonio Reid Jr.! Winning! 

I look forward to all that is to come in RADIO! You never know who is going to be able to bless you in your career. 


Hosting at the African American Festival

COMMON! That is all I had to hear to say YES to hosting the Empowerment Pavilion at the African American Festival this 4th of July weekend. I was so excited for the opportunity! The event was out of this world and with all that is going on in our nation it was full of Positive energy. The Empowerment Pavilion was sponsored by Metro Transit, Maryland Chamber of Commerce, Black Girls Vote, Nicola Jackson, and Prudential. Each Sponsor had their own vendor section for guest to visit.  

Day 1:  

I was so ecstatic about all the people I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing. The event started around 1:00pm We started with a One on One with Matthew Knowles. He spoke on the music industry and his new book The DNA of Achievers. Everyone in the audience was all ears (trying to get that Beyonce' fame lol)! SVP of Black Enterprise Alfred Edmond Jr. was the interviewer. 

We followed up with a session on Hip Hop Health with Philadelphia Freeway and Dr. Dorry Segev. This segment was very inspiring. Hip Hop Legend Philadelphia Freeway spoke on all for his current health issues, including being on dialysis currently, and how that effects his music career. He brought a lot of awareness to kidney failure and what should be taken seriously. The Dr. touched on health awareness and preventative measures. 

One of the most unforgettable segments was with Author Zane, interviewed by Kwame Jackson. The question most people want to ask Zane is, "Are you a fictional writer?" With no conviction her answer is NO. Zane and Kwame got down and dirty about SEX, business, and her journey. 

We ended Day 1 with Next Level Employment Opportunities featuring Metro and the Army Reserves. 

Dress and necklace: BCBG                     MUA/Hair: Tierra Toggle

Dress and necklace: BCBG                     MUA/Hair: Tierra Toggle

Day 2:

The last day at the Empowerment Pavilion was just as successful as the first. The day began speaking with self made Millionaire Nicola Jackson. Her insight and advice about business was PRICELESS. We also had interviews with Love & Hip Hop NY star Tara Wallace. She spoke on her new book and dealing with social media. The next segment was the "Grown Zone" with Jonathon Slocumb and Alfred Edmonds. They were interviewed by radio personality Marsha Jews. They spoke a lot on our Nations current state and the issues within our community. The day ended with a powerful speech by Pastor Jamal Bryant. 

Dress and belt: BCBG                     MUA/Hair: Tierra Toggle

Dress and belt: BCBG                     MUA/Hair: Tierra Toggle


In conclusion, I hope to have the opportunity to come back next year and Host at the African American Festival. I had too much fun! 


The Fine Men of Secrets the Movie!

This past weekend I covered the private screening and panel for Secrets the Movie and I must say I had a great time interviewing the handsome men from the cast. The private screening was held at the Haven in Atlanta, GA. I was happy to see so many familiar faces. I ran into recording artist Tobias Tate and J. Morris of Hot 107.9. I was able to meet the brains of it all Ms. Tamika Newhouse. She was a bundle of joy to meet. She patiently waited for everyone to get their red carpet picture with her and then moved through the crowd saying hello and thank you for coming. I enjoyed meeting her.

I was able to interview all three actors on the panel Deric Augustine, Harold “House” Moore, and Dennis White. I am not sure if I mentioned it, but these men are fine. I held my composure and kept it professional while prying into their careers and involvement in the movie. They all had similar advice to upcoming actors; Make sure that you are passionate about it. If not this is not the business for you. Leading man Harold “House” Moore from Single Ladies was fun to watch on the screen and hear on the panel. When the other actors explained that the sex scenes are awkward and uncomfortable, House said his are as amazing as they look (lol). Publisher & Producer Tressa was beautiful and brought a good feminine touch to the panel. She said she enjoyed making the movie.

This was a successful event and I cannot wait to see Secrets the Movie when it comes out. 

Maria Wills 

The 2016 AAMBC Literary Awards hosted by Cynthia Bailey

I was excited when I got the news of covering the 2016 AAMBC Literary Awards hosted by the one and only Cynthia Bailey. I found the event intriguing and much needed. There are a lot of amazing writers who should be recognized for their art.

The event was held on GA Tech's campus in Atlanta, GA. It was a great crowd with a red carpet at entry. The honorees were hard to identify because authors and writers are rarely known by face. But once they hit the red carpet you got a good idea of who was who. The creator of it all, Tamika Newhouse looked ravishing. The event opened with an amazing 3 piece band that set the mood. Then performing artist J. Morris did a selection. The categories included Reader’s Choice, Urban Book of the year, Screenwriter, Blogger of the Year, and many more. It was great to see these amazing writers acknowledged.  

As an inspiring writer myself I hope to have the opportunity to be a part of these amazing awards one day soon.

Maria Wills 

Atl Lunch & Learn Panel June 2016

I was invited to be to be a panelist at the Atlanta Lunch & Learn event this month. To be frank, I had no idea what I was getting into. A fellow business associate asked, and I obliged. I arrived a little early because I wanted to get a feel of what the environment would be like. The event was held in an average size boutique on Peter St. called Tees & Quotes. I was pleasantly surprised with the quaint location and I loved the intimacy.

I was first greeted by who I am assuming is the manager of Tee’s & Quotes and she invited me to look around and informed me of their daily specials. What is cool about the location is you can get shirts made on the spot. Being the supportive woman that I am, I put in my order. The shirt was complete in about 30 minutes and the quality looked great. I am always looking to support Black businesses, so I will definitely be back.

People began to arrive around 12:00pm and the vibe was cool. Everyone had that “About My Business” look. (lol) I saw some familiar faces that support all my events, which was a pleasant surprise. The photographer was snapping pictures and the guest were eating. We began the panel around 1:00pm. I was happy to share the stage with rapper/actor Lil Zane, singer/songwriter Tiyon Christian, BLIZM of K100, and Rachel J of I Beat Daily. The event was hosted by BE Magazine editor J. Write.  

Everyone was engaged as we were asked questions about our careers, motivation, obstacles, and upcoming events. I felt privileged to be a part of something so powerful and to be panelist with these amazing people in the industry. One of the guest was an amazing young man by the name of Kendyl Q. He is a 7 year old CEO and published author. He asked us all any advise we could give a your entrepreneur and my advice was to follow your passion and know that its okay to make your own lane. He was suck an inspiration to me. I love the youth.  At the end of the panel we all networked and exchange information. 

I will be sure to attend the next ATL Lunch & Learn Panel, as a panelist or not! 

Maria Wills 

The 2016 Pink Champagne Gala

Stepping into the Charge Up Charge Pynk: 2016 Pynk Champagne Gala was not only a fun experience, but also a humbling one. The event was laced in pink and featured amazing vendors, performers, and speakers. I checked in with the Media and received my media pass along with a list of all the honorees, speakers, ambassadors, supporters, performers, and hostess. I was extremely excited to meet and interview these amazing women and men. My goal was to interview and/or take pictures with as many participants that I could. Luckily I had my partner in crime Ms. Toni Preyer there to cover the Gala with me. 

As guest began to arrive we set up at the Pynk Carpet and took turns interviewing the beautiful and strong women and men as they entered. Everyone was dressed so eloquently in their different shades of pink and formal wear.  We were able to speak with so many survivors and supporters and couldn’t believe the testimonies they shared. One of the most touching interviews was with Honoree Felecia Mahone. Felecia Mahone is a Breast Cancer Survivor. She lost a lot of her family to cancer and is the only surviving. She shared her hardships, but concluded with her blessings. She explained how she never asked God why, because if it wasn’t her who would it be. I was so moved by her strength she brought my partner, Toni, and I to tears. It was true honor meeting her. 

I also had the pleasure of interviewing Ambassador Robin Dyke from Bravo TV's Mother Funders. Her personality lite up the room. She was so much fun to get to know. Robin shared her relationship with the founder of the Pynk Chanpagne Gala, Charessa Sawyer, and how she got involved with the event. She was so honored to be a part of something of this magnitude. 

In conclusion, The 2016 Pynk Champagne Gala was a complete success and I am honored to have been a part of it. I want the only girls with out pink on, so i had to spruce up my lips with a shade of All Around Town by M.A.C to kinda fit in. I had an amazing time and I hope to be invited again next year. 

Maria Wills 

A Life Changing Experience: Browngirl Village 2016

Have you ever been a part of something that was so much bigger than you? That was my experience as the Host of the 2016 Browngirl Village retreat in Baltimore, MD. I have always had a desire to give back to young women, but I never imagined how much they would give me. Browngirl Village is a one day retreat for brown girls ages 12-17. The event teaches encouragement, motivation, etiquette, and embracing the beautiful you.

Hosting Browngirl Village 2016 opened my eyes to see a glimpse of my purpose. The event was a total success. It was located at the Four Season Hotel in Baltimore, MD. It was a rainy day, although it did not affect the turn out. We had roughly 150 girls at the retreat this year. They arrived bright and early to be a part of history. DJ Beauty & The Beatz opened up our day. This young phenomenon had the crowd to their feet and dancing early in the morning. We learned that it was her birthday and she was only turning 15 years old! I couldn’t believe it. Someone so talented and professional was only 15 years old. When she shared her age and story with the young ladies they were in awe. She set the tone for what was to come.

Throughout the day we had some amazing men and women come and speak to the girls. The speakers included actress and vocalist China McClaine, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Senator Catherine Pugh, recording artist Brave, Beauty expert Maisie Dunbar, actress Cyrene Tankard, and so many more. The girls were able to partake in a question & answer session and they were engaged. We also had an etiquette lunch where the girls learned formal dining.

I had the pleasure of interviewing our special guest China McClain from Disney’s the Ant Farm and Tyler Perry’s The house of Payne. China was inspiring. She took her time to make sure the girls could ask her anything they wanted, with no limitations. She took her time giving out advice and taking pictures with everyone. She enjoyed the experience just as much as they did. She was one of the highlights of the day.

As we concluded, I had several of the girls come up to me and ask advice, for pictures, and hugs. It was life changing. I honestly didn’t know why they were interested in me with all the greatness in the room. I was able to share my story with them throughout the day and give advice. I honestly didn’t know how much it made an impact. I am so grateful for the experience and I cannot thank Sharon Page, director of Browngirl Village, enough for the opportunity.

I am going to do all I can to bring it to Atlanta. Stay tuned. 

Maria Wills 

My first Media experience at the 2016 Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit

They gave me my first Media Pass!!! This April I was hired as the Media Correspondent for Girl Power Hour Radio. I told myself in the beginning of the year that I would get involved with radio. More specifically, I want to be on the RADIO! I had an interview, got the job, and my first gig at the 2016 Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit in South Beach, Fl.!

I am a women on the go juggling being a entrepreneur and motherhood,  so I am use to the elevator spill and speaking with people. But this experience was a new challenge and I was a bit nervous about it. I wanted to make sure I was prepared so I studied the BE Summit itinerary and the featured speakers. I am horrible with names so this was a must. (Don't Judge Me).  There were several people that I was excited to have the opportunity to meet and pick their brains. I specifically wanted to keep my focus on Women Entrepreneurs to stay true Girl Powers Hours. I immediately felt a connection to Cameka Smith with The Boss Network, Miko Branch founder of Miss. Jessie's hair products, Lisa Price founder of Carol's Daughter, and Caroline Clarke host for Black Enterprise TV. Being an entrepreneur myself this gig was a win win for me.

Day one I made sure I reached out to as many people as possible, doing small interviews, taking pictures, and shaking hands (well hugs because I am a hugger). I was able to chat with Lisa Price and Cameka Smith. Both are women to look up to with a lot of advice to give. I was able to sit in on several seminars and I learned a lot. Several things stood out to me. The general consensus is that you need to have a strong email list and make sure you are able to contact your traffic out side of your social media accounts. Secondly, you need to be able to identify the challenge or problem that your business solves. The advice that stuck with me the most is to send your traffic/followers to something you own.

The panel in the Driving Sales using social media technology emphasized on the benefits of social media, but also the restrictions. Manny Ruiz with Hispanicize said you should never put all your content on social media. Direct your traffic back to your website (something you own) for the meat and potatoes. One of my favorite quotes from Manny was "As a small business owner it is easy to be cheesy" so make sure your content is professional and up to par. Needless to say, day one was amazing. 

Day two was show time! I lined up my interviewers and we knocked that thing out of the park. I had the pleasure of interviewing Kim Lewis with Curl Mix first. She has a natural hair product do it yourself box that is supper cool. Next was lifestyle couch, Blondy Moore. She was glowing and was the "Women on the go" for the Girl Power Hour show. I also interviewed Marquis Mullings, VP of HSH Media, and producer of the African America Festival Shalonda and Sharon Page. 

My first experience as a media correspondent was successful. It clarified my thoughts. I will be on the radio and this is just the beginning. Stay Tuned! 

Maria Wills